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MomSoft is a small software company located in Madrid, Spain, where we have made Microsoft Windows and Office easier to use since 1995.

From our first product now called Control Runner to our most recent application, PowerMerge for Microsoft PowerPoint, we enjoy creating software useful for both new PC users and experienced information system professionals. Read more

What customers say

Control Runner is the first and most prominent program that I've been seeing on my desktop for the past six years now. I consider it to be amongst my top five most valuable programs since I can launch any one of the eighty-odd programs that I have installed with a maximum of two clicks.
Brad Blanchard
I love how easy and quick it is to update the TOC as changes are made throughout the PPT.
Tia Sprotbery – Operations Manager, Trumpet, Inc. – Phoenix AZ
Your products and email responses have been very helpful. Customizing one product for our specific needs was very crucial and we appreciate that.
Andy Sussman
I don't know how I ever survived without forms assistant, it's the best program ever!
Peter Cook, Owner of Annapolis Property Services
I've used Control Runner for years and loved the program. Control Runner is very convenient, intuitive, easy to use, and powerful.
Tony Kazoleas
Control Runner is absolutely indispensable. You don't realise how vital it is until you lose your settings then the machine suddenly becomes almost unusable and you have to think hard about how to do anything at all.
Steve Coppard
As software support I don't remember such a good service with any company. I take this occasion to confirm that your program is the one I most appreciate amongst the numerous ones on my PC.
Maurits Rodolf
I love the PowerTOC. I prepare big manuals in PowerPoint and PowerTOC has been a lifesaver.
Carolyn Dixon, Office Manager and Special Projects Coordinator, Community Counselling Service, New York, NY
Control Runner has been on my desktop for at least 6yrs. It's the 1st program I load on my new pc's.
Randy Cadonau
I use [PowerTOC] for large presentations, it's invaluable for organizing material as its developed. I sometimes include them in the final presentation given out or I remove it once I have finished the presentation. It's an exceptionally helpful utility.
Eric Greenberg, IT Security author and pioneer
I just finished using the PowerTOC on all 6 sections of my presentation. It worked perfectly. You did a really great job. I really appreciate your quick response and your out of the ordinary help on Christmas. My deadline is Monday and I am going to make it!! I hope you make a fortune!
Bradshaw Lupton, Security Solutions Technical Training and Curriculum Development, Burlington, MA
Love it! I always hated not being able to keep my bookmarks and documents together in one place, and organized by project. Now I can, and I don't have to go searching in multiple places to find them, its always just a click away. Thanks!
Philip Light – Chicago Illinois


FormsAssistant v1.10 beta has just started

We have just started the beta of FormsAssistant v1.10. This version just adds compatibility for Office 2016 to our popular FormsAssistant add-in and its only available to registered users of FormsAssistant. To participate in the beta test, please contact us.

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