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  • FormsAssistant

    Take control of your forms and boilerplate documents with FormsAssistant for Microsoft® Word®.

    Only $39.95US

    • Fill out forms and templates in Word in seconds, not minutes.
    • Quickly reuse information you've already typed.
    • Create new forms while you are working in Word.
    • Protect what you don't want changed in each document.

    The main window of FormsAssistant

  • PowerForms

    Create custom Microsoft® PowerPoint® decks in seconds.

    Only $39.95US

    • Build out a custom sales presentation for your client in seconds.
    • Selectively reuse what you've presented before.
    • Turn an existing presentation into PowerForms template just by typing "[" and "]" where you want to replace information.

    The main window of PowerForms

  • PowerMerge

    Merge Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations with Microsoft® Excel® data in seconds.

    Only $59.95US

    • Create brochures and catalogs of your products or services using PowerPoint.
    • Use templates for your presentations and personalize them for each of your clients.
    • Quickly place multiple images on your presentations.

    The main window of PowerMerge

  • PowerTOC

    Create summary agenda for your presentations with one click.

    Only $29.95US

    • Stop wasting time manually creating summaries of your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations.
    • PowerTOC keeps your summary always up to date.
    • Pick and choose what each summary should contain.

    PowerTOC in action

  • Control Runner

    The ultimate Microsoft® Windows® shortcut to your files, applications and web sites.

    Only $29.95US

    • Group what you're working on and open what you need in two clicks.
    • Switch from working on one project's open documents, web sites and applications to another with 1 click.
    • Hide (and unhide) distracting windows and desktop icons with 1 click.


MomSoft is a small software company located in Madrid, Spain, where we have made Microsoft Windows and Office easier for you to use since 1995.

From our first product now called Control Runner to our most recent application, PowerMerge for Microsoft PowerPoint, we enjoy creating software useful for both new PC users and experienced information system professionals. Read more

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  • July 14 - PowerMerge 1.1.1 released. Solves a problem while registering the software. Learn more
  • March 26 - Control Runner 4.1.1 released. This version provides a better integration with Windows 7 Learn more
  • January 31 - FormsAsssitant 1.9.2 released. Opens clips database in non-exclusive mode and supports gdiplus.dll on WinXP. Learn more
  • September 29 - FormsAsssitant 1.9 released. Adds compatibility with Word 2010. Learn more