About MomSoft

We specialize in small, useful, utilities for the Windows operating system.

  • Manuel Onate

    Manuel Onate, founder, MomSoft.

  • Manuel Onate at his office in Madrid

    MomSoft's World Headquarters!

  • Cow Parade Madrid

    One of two sculptures made by my sister Pilar featured in the Cow Parade Madrid. Many of the flowers were painted by me.

MomSoft is a small software development company located in Madrid, Spain.

Our motto is Windows made easy, because we think that simplicity and ease of use is of interest to the users of our programs. We endeavour to provide our customers with products that work easily and effectively as possible.

We are very proud that we have both customers new to computers and information system professionals. We believe that this mix is due to the nature of our products: easy to use, but powerful enough for those who have special needs and requirements.

Our products reflect what our customers want. That means that most of the features that you see in the current version of each application have been suggested and discussed with our customers. We are not interested in making our utilities swiss knife do-it-all tools. Each of them performs a single set of related tasks.

Thank you very much for taking an interest in our work. We hope that you will like what we have to offer.

The man behind the company: Manuel Onate

My first computer, when I was 16 years old, was a Sinclair ZX with a whopping 1 Kb RAM memory. I got an expansion card to 16 Kb that enabled me recreate all popular video games of the time, including Space Invaders.

My first paid job while in college was as a programmer for an editorial company where I developed several custom programs to handle suscriptions for their book collections. During that job I had the great idea of a product that would combine a high level programming language with database functions. Unfortunately Ashton Tate had the same idea and the resources needed to do it and they created DBase II.

Later in college I created several engineering programs for HP calculators, some of which were distributed as freeware in the FidoNet BBS system.

After graduation I worked for 15 years as a financial analyst and private equity investor. During that time I created for my own use several little "macros" to help me on my everyday job; later on two of these macros became commercial add-ins, Word PhoneBook and PowerTOC.

During the summer of 1995, I bought Delphi 1.0 and made the jump from DOS programming to native Windows applications. To learn the language I programmed MomShell, a replacement to the standard Windows 3 Program Manager. MomShell was renamed Control Runner in 2005, meaning that this popular program launcher is approaching its 15th anniversary.

I can remember my first sale of MomShell. Just 3 hours after uploading to the Windows shareware forum on CompuServe, I had that first sale. It was a good thing I did not quit from my day job that moment, because the second sale took about a month more.

MomSoft has been active ever since. After MomShell/Control Runner, I released MomWallpaper, a wallpaper randomizer, Word PhoneBook, an address filling add-in for Microsoft Word and Early Reader, a program to teach children how to read.

During the late 1990s, MomSoft became one of the promising independent software vendors of the time. In 1996, the leading software download repository, of the time, ZDNet, listed two MomSoft products in their list of the top 100 downloads (MomShell and our free Jokes screensaver) and the two utilities made into their 25 most Useful Utilities for that year.

After that bright start, for personal reasons, I had to stop the development of new programs in 2001. From 2001 to 2005 only Control Runner was actively maintained, although at a slower pace. Since 2006, MomSoft has specialized in office productivity addins working on top of Microsoft Office, releasing the three new products: PowerTOC, FormsAssistant and PowerForms.