Control Runner

The ultimate Microsoft® Windows® shortcut to your files, applications and web sites.

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  • Group what you're working on and open what you need in two clicks.
  • Switch from working on one project's open documents, web sites and applications to another with 1 click.
  • Hide (and unhide) distracting windows and desktop icons with 1 click.

What Control Runner does for you

  • The sites, documents and apps you need, fast.

    With Control Runner, a quick click on the Control Runner icon in the System Tray gets you the information you need, when you need it. Create groups of frequently-visited web sites, reference documents, special-purpose applications and hard-to-locate Windows utilities.

  • Bypass Start Menu madness and overloaded desktops.

    Control Runner gives you a straightforward, easy-to-manage alternative to unmanageable Start Menus and desktops covered with current documents. Just create and discard Control Runner Groups of the applications you use and the documents you're working on as needed.

  • Get control over your Windows environment.

    Control Runner's popup menu gives you instant access to the parts of Windows you use and care about the most.

  • A proven solution to a near-universal problem.

    For fourteen years Control Runner has been helping Windows users focus on getting results, not wasting time searching for files and rearranging document windows. With every new version of Windows, MomSoft has maintained, refined and improved Control Runner to keep it timely and useful.

Video Demos

  • Display video demo

    Introduction to Control Runner

    This is a short (2.5 minutes) introductory demo of Control Runner.

  • Display video demo

    Import items into Control Runner

    This tutorial shows how to add items to Control Runner (5 minutes).


  • Click to start the slide show Main Window
    The main window is where you access most of of the features of Control Runner.
  • Click to start the slide show Skin support
    Change the skin and get a completely different look and feel. There are dozens of skins available.
  • Click to start the slide show Tray icon
    The tray icon is a convenient way to access Control Runner and some important locations on your computer.
  • Click to start the slide show Import Start Menu items
    Use the Import button on the toolbar to import items from your Start Menu.
  • Click to start the slide show Configure program buttons
    Configure program buttons to control how targets are launched.
  • Click to start the slide show Additional program button configuration
    Configure the appearance of program buttons and advanced launching options.
  • Click to start the slide show Select the icon to use
    It is very easy to select the icon you want to use in each button.
  • Click to start the slide show Multiple targets in a single button
    You can have a pogram button launch multiple targets to launch together related or dependent programs at once.
  • Click to start the slide show Backup configuration
    Make backup copies of your configuration to ensure that your settings are never lost.
  • Click to start the slide show Control Runner configuration
    Every aspect of Control Runner is configurable by the user.
  • Click to start the slide show Select the skin to use
    Change the skin by selecting it from a list and get access to the many more available skins.
  • Click to start the slide show General configuration
    Control Runner is an extremely flexible program that can accomodate your personal preferences.
  • Click to start the slide show Features to get easy access to Control Runner
    There are many ways you can use to activate Control Runner to launch a program: hot-keys, mouse activation zones and the tray icon.
Windows 10 Compatible

Control Runner is Windows 10 Compatible


  • Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


  • I'm absolutely in love with version 3 at the moment (I've been after a program like it for years), so I'm very much looking forward to seeing 4 when its released.

    Joel Blackwell - Digital Artist. Perth, Australia

  • Love it! I always hated not being able to keep my bookmarks and documents together in one place, and organized by project. Now I can, and I don't have to go searching in multiple places to find them, its always just a click away. Thanks!

    Philip Light - Chicago Illinois

  • Control Runner is the first and most prominent program that I've been seeing on my desktop for the past six years now. I consider it to be amongst my top five most valuable programs since I can launch any one of the eighty-odd programs that I have installed with a maximum of two clicks.

    Brad Blanchard

  • I was using Momshell (old name of Control Runner) many moons ago and was always delighted with it and your support. However with the "upgrades" to Windows, all was lost! Did a search today for Momshell just for the hell of it and lo and bloody behold you're back with an even better product. I bought it within 2 minutes. I find your product best of breed.

    Andy McGraw

  • I have used Control Runner for six years, and it has worked perfectly from the beginning. It is an amazing and absolute MUST HAVE software for the novices and the experts, too. Without Control Runner even a very fast computer is only a one-armed giant. There is no comparable software in this category. Easy to use, intelligent and very reliable. It's really worth the price.

    Imre Kadar - Engineer, programmer and web designer - Hungary

  • As software support I don't remember such a good service with any company. I take this occasion to confirm that your program is the one I most appreciate amongst the numerous ones on my PC.

    Maurits Rodolf

  • Control Runner is absolutely indispensable. You don't realise how vital it is until you lose your settings then the machine suddenly becomes almost unusable and you have to think hard about how to do anything at all.

    Steve Coppard

  • Like your software a lot cause i use it as a launcher for my touchscreen toughbook. And Control Runner is a very good solution for this. My choice for your product: I found no other so good and so easy to handle xp launcher for my toughbook. Scaling of the buttons is so great for handling the CF29 with my fingers.

    Martin Blum - Germany

  • I really like this program, it saves me so much time and effort. Thanks again for a super program.

    Doug Downie

  • Control Runner has been on my desktop for at least 6yrs. Itís the 1st program I load on my new pcís. When I look at the icon mess on most desktops I think of trying to find a needle in a haystack. Even though Iíve used control runner ever day for 6 plus years there are still options and settings that Iíve not yet explored. On top of all this the support is excellent and timely. Iíve never wrote a testimonial for any program before but then very few programs have followed me with all my computer purchases. One last comment; the family plan is the way to go if you have the need.

    Randy Cadonau

  • I've used Control Runner for years and loved the program. Control Runner is very convenient, intuitive, easy to use, and powerful.

    Tony Kazoleas

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