Additional tab

The additional tab of the item configuration dialog is where you enter other options related to launching targets.

Program 2

The available settings are:

Add to Launch menu

If checked, adds the program button to the Launch sub-menu of the System tray menu.


If checked, requires the user to enter the privileged user password to be able to launch the target.

Only one copy

If checked, Control Runner will first look for a previous instance of the target before launching it. If a previous instance is found, Control Runner will try to activate it rather than launching a new instance. Note that some limitations apply.

Confirm execution

Asks for a confirmation just before launching the target.

Run as administrator

If checked, the executable will be launched in the context of the administrator account.


This setting is only available on Windows Vista.

Use a custom background color

To differentiate program buttons you can select a different background color. Check the option and select a custom color on the color dialog.

Minimize to

Controls the state in which programs will be launched. Note that some programs will ignore the initial state setting. Note that some limitations apply.



The settings 'Only one copy', 'Run as administrator' and 'Minimize to' are only available if the target of the button is an executable.

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