Confirmation dialog

There are some actions which cannot be undone. For that reason Control Runner will ask you for a confirmation before proceeding. These actions are listed below:

Replacing or deleting program buttons, either as an internal drag and drop operation from within Control Runner or from the Explorer, Start Menu or Desktop.
Adding pages referenced by buttons, when Control Runner starts and finds that some of your buttons reference a tab which is not present.
Deleting pages containing buttons by using the Delete Tab item of the tabs menu.
Closing (Exit) Control Runner, or shutting down or restating the system.
Cleaning program buttons whose targets no longer exist on your system.


In addition, you may have Control Runner to ask for a confirmation by selecting the 'Confirm execution' option on the Additional tab of the item configuration dialog. To disable the confirmation message, simply uncheck this option in the appropriate program button configuration dialog.

You can prevent any of these confirmations to be shown by checking the "Don't show again" checkbox on the Confirmation Dialog, or you can enable or disable any confirmation on the General tab of the configuration dialog.