Main Features
System Requirements
Legal Matters
Buying Control Runner
Enter the Registration Key
Uninstalling Control Runner
Contacting MomSoft
How do I ...
Add programs and documents to Control Runner
Add other targets to Control Runner
Hide and Activate Control Runner
Minimize an application to the System tray
Prevent launching a second copy
Bring to top current window
Hide and unhide Applications
Launch multiple targets
Backup the configuration
Limitations of advanced options
Change Skins
Get more Skins
Use Keyboard Keys
User interface
Main window
General Buttons
Monitor Panel
Program Buttons
Page Tabs
Configuration dialog
Program buttons tab
Skins tab
Keys, tray & activation tab
General tab
Monitor tab
Security tab
Item configuration dialog
General tab
Additional tab
Icon tab
Multiple tab
Advanced tab
Other dialogs
Tools window
Import configuration
Backup configuration
Restore configuration
Revert to saved configuration
Reload icons
Alphabetize buttons
Delete invalid buttons
Internet resources
Run Program dialog
Calendar dialog
Import Start Menu dialog
Import new items dialog
Confirmation dialog
Test program wizard
System Tray menu

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