Enter the Registration Key

When you buy Control Runner you will receive a generation key which removes all limitations of the evaluation version. Keys for Control Runner have the following format:


To enter the registration key, proceed as follows:

1.Open the message on your email program containing the purchase information.
2.Locate and highlight (select completely) the line containing the key, using one of the following methods:
Using the mouse: Place the cursor at the beginning of the line. Click and hold down the mouse left button while dragging to the end of the line. Release the mouse at the end of the line.
Using the keyboard: Place the cursor at the beginning of the line and press together the keys SHIFT + END.
3.Place a copy of the key, the text highlighted in step 2, onto the clipboard using one of the following methods:
Using the mouse: Click the Edit menu and then click Copy.
Using the keyboard: Press together the keys CTRL + C.
4.Open Control Runner and click the Configuration button, ConfigureButton.
5.At the bottom of the Configure Control Runner dialog box, click the Register button, RegisterButton.
6.In the Enter registration key dialog box, enter your Name, exactly as it appears on the email message. This name is usually your name or that of your organization.
7.In the Key field, paste the key you copied in step 3 by clicking the Clipboard icon, Clipboard.
8.If both the Name and Key are entered correctly, the Ok button becomes bright. Click Ok to finalize the registration process.


If the Ok button does not brighten, there is a problem with either the Name or the Key. Please ensure that the Name has been correctly written and that you copied to the Clipboard the whole contents of the Key.