General Buttons

General buttons access different functions of Control Runner. They include the following:



Opens the Run Program dialog box. From here you can select any file on your computer and execute it without adding it to a Program button.


Opens an MS-DOS console window. Right click on the button to select the working folder.


Opens Windows Explorer. Right click on the button to select a default starting folder.


Opens the Control Runner Tools window to access several utility and house keeping functions.


When you click on this button, the Configure Control Runner dialog box opens. This box contains tabs that let you  completely customize Control Runner.

If you right click this button, the current configuration of Control Runner will be saved to disk.


Depending on your selection, this button will either close Control Runner or shutdown your system in many different ways. Click on the button to perform the operation shown, or click on the arrow button to select the operation from a list.

Exit Control Runner

Close Control Runner.


Put your computer in hibernate mode. In this mode, the contents of the RAM memory of the computer is saved to disk and the computer is shut down. Touch a key to wake up the computer.


Put your computer in sleep mode (energy saving mode). Touch a key to wake up the computer.


Close all running applications and power off (shut down) the computer.


Close and restart the computer. Return to the log on screen.

Close all programs and relog

Close all running applications, log off the current user and return to the log on screen.

Return to Control Runner

Cancel the operation.


Each of these buttons can be shown or hidden using the Show options on Configuration | General.

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