General tab

The General tab of the Configuration Dialog is where you select options that affect the general functionality of Control Runner.

Configure 4

There are three sections of related settings: General options, Show options and Confirmation options.

General Options

Start Minimized

If checked, Control Runner will start minimized.

Start automatically when Windows starts

If checked, Control Runner will be launched whenever a new session of Windows starts.

Hide taskbar button

If checked, Control Runner will not be visible on the windows taskbar. To activate it you will have to use any of the other available methods to activate Control Runner.

Hide desktop icons

If checked, Control Runner will hide all icons placed on the desktop. You will be able to access them through the tray menu. Note that you can also hide desktop icons temporarily using the 'Desk' button on the toolbar of the main window.

Send to foreground on drag and drop

If checked, Control Runner will be brought to the front when you are dragging and dropping buttons from Explorer, the desktop or the Import Start Menu window. This will make easier the drag and drop operation.


If checked, Control Runner will auto minimize itself when it loses focus. Note that combining this option with the 'Hide taskbar button' option means that Control Runner will not use any screen real estate when you are not working with it.

Close to tray

The close button Close button on the caption of the main window of Control Runner is used to close the application. If the 'Close to tray' option is checked, Control Runner will instead minimize and hide its taskbar button, even if the 'Hide taskbar button' option is not checked.

Show hints

If checked, most controls on Control Runner will show a little hint window when the mouse cursor is placed over them.

Show full button caption on hint

If checked, program buttons with a caption too long to fit on the available space will show a hint window with their full caption.

Show hint when minimizing to tray/hidden list

If checked, Control Runner will show a hint above the System tray whenever an application is minimized to the tray or hidden.

Show options

The different check boxes control whether to show the toolbar and the auxiliary panel on the main window as a whole, as well as their individual components. The auxiliary panel contains the general buttons and the monitor panel.

If you unselect 'Show toolbar', all the individual components become disabled in the Show options list box as well as the corresponding options in other tabs of the configuration dialog. For example the 'Show Zone Activation button' on the Keys, tray and activation tab because you can't show a toolbar button if the toolbar is not being shown.

Similarly, unselecting 'Show Auxiliary panel' disables the 'Align Auxiliary panel to the left' option, as well as all the Monitor panel related settings on the Monitor tab.

The Auxiliary panel can be aligned to the left of the main window (the default) or to the right, using the last option: 'Align Auxiliary panel to the left'.


To access the Configuration dialog when the 'Show Auxiliary panel' or the 'Show Configure button' are unselected use the 'Configure Control Runner' menu item on the System tray menu.

Confirmation options

The different check boxes control the situations in which Control Runner will ask for confirmation before performing potentially dangerous operations.

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