General tab

The general tab of the item configuration dialog is where you enter the most important options related to launching files.

Program 1

The available settings are:


Is the file, folder, Internet link or virtual item that will be launched when the button is clicked. Use the ellipsis button Ellipsis button to open a File Open dialog to select the file to launch (if the target is a file) or the folder button FolderIcon if you want to select a folder as the target of the button. Use the check mark button to process a shortcut (if you have not selected the option 'Process shortcuts' on Configuration | Program buttons) or to convert a short filename to a long filename.

See: Add other targets to Control Runner to learn how to add other types of targets.


Is the caption that will be used on the main window to identify the button. Use the arrow down button Arrow button  to show a list with alternative captions based on the filename of the target, the description embedded on executables and the original caption of the button.


Select a global Hot key to launch the target. A global key works always, even when Control Runner is not the active application.


Enter optional parameters to pass to an executable target.

Working folder

With some applications you can select a working folder to be used. Type the folder path or use the folder button FolderIcon to browse for the folder or the check mark button CheckmarkIcon to set the working folder equal to the folder where the executable resides.

Initial State

Controls the state in which programs will be launched. Note that some programs will ignore the initial state setting.



The settings 'Working folder', 'Parameters' and 'Initial State' are only available if the target of the button is an executable.