Get more Skins

You can download more skins from our web site.These skins were designed by third party authors for use in other applications. We have ported them to be used inside Control Runner and have been given permission by the authors to distribute them, but all copyrights to the skin are retained by their original authors.

As an user of Control Runner you are granted the right to use them to skin Control Runner, but you are not allowed to distribute or modify them in any form. Any other use of the skin requires a previous written permission from the original author of the skin. That is why contact information is provided in the Skins tab of the Configuration dialog.


The format used by Control Runner is proprietary. That means that you will only be able to use skins specifically designed to be used on Control Runner.

Downloading skins from the Internet

To easiest way of adding more skins to Control Runner is visiting our skins repository on the Internet. To access it, click on the 'Get more skins' button on the skins tab of the Configuration dialog.

Select the skin you want to download and click on the download link.

On the download confirmation dialog be sure to select the skins folder located right below the installation folder of Control Runner. By default it will be located on the following folder:

On Windows XP systems - C:\Document and Settings\All users\Program Data\Control Runner\Skins.
On Windows Vista systems -


In order to have new skins downloaded appear in the list of available skins you will have to close and open again the Configuration dialog.

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