Hide and Activate Control Runner

Usually you will have Control Runner running in the background at all times and you will want it to be as not intrusive as possible, but having an easy access. For that reason, Control Runner includes options to keep out of your way as soon as you don't need it, while being able to activate it quickly and efficiently.

How to make Control Runner less intrusive

The General tab of the Configuration dialog contains a few options to have Control Runner get out of your way while you are working on other tasks.


Control Runner can auto-minimize itself as soon as you activate any other window on your system, or click on the desktop.

Hide taskbar button

Control Runner can hide its button from the taskbar.

Close to tray

Close button

When you click on the Close button on the caption of the main window you can have Control Runner hide its main window and taskbar button to save screen Real Estate.

How to access Control Runner

On the other hand, you will want to access Control Runner as soon as possible to launch items. You can activate Control Runner in many ways:

Taskbar button


Click on the taskbar button to activate Control Runner. Alternatively, you can choose to hide the taskbar button (as mentioned above) and use other methods to activate Control Runner.

System tray icon

System tray

Click on the System tray icon to activate Control Runner, or right click on the icon to open the Tray menu.

Quick launch

System tray

Place a shortcut to Control Runner on the Quick launch section of the taskbar to launch Control Runner, or activate it if it is already running.

Hot Key

You can define a global Hot Key to activate Control Runner at any time.

Activation Zone

You can define any corner or side of your monitor to be an Activation Zone. Placing the mouse cursor over the Activation Zone for a second will activate Control Runner.

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