Hide and unhide Applications

Control Runner gives you many ways of hiding applications:

Current window

If you assign a hot key to the 'Hide Current Window' option of the Keys, tray and activation tab of the Configuration dialog you may hide the current window by pressing the hot key.

Hide on minimize

If you select the 'Minimize to Hidden list' option of the Additional tab of any program button pointing to an executable, Control Runner will try to hide the application window every time it is minimized.

All windows

If you click on the 'Hide' (Hide/Unhide all windows) toolbar button of the main window all currently shown windows will be hidden and the button caption will be shown selected.

When a program is hidden you can make it visible again using three methods:

Tray menu

Whenever Control Runner hides a window it adds the window to the Hidden Windows sub-menu of the System Tray menu. Click on the caption of the window you want to unhide and it will reappear again.

Launching it again

If the window is owned by a program which has been defined as 'Only one copy' in the Additional tab of the button configuration dialog, Control Runner will unhide the window if the program is re-launched. Please note that some limitations apply.

All windows

When the Hide / Unhide all windows toolbar button has been clicked once to hide all windows, clicking it again will cause all hidden windows to be shown. You may also selectively unhide any window from the Hidden list sub-menu of the System Tray menu.

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