Import Start Menu dialog

The Import from the Start menu dialog box is a convenient way of adding items from your Start menu to Control Runner. You access this dialog by clicking the Import toolbar button on the main window.

Import Start Menu dialog box

To import an item into Control Runner drag and drop it into the appropriate program button. See: Add programs and documents to Control Runner for a detailed explanation of drag and drop operations.

The buttons in the toolbar have the following functions:


Close all folders on the Start Menu.


Open all folders on the Start Menu.


Reload all items from the Start Menu.

Filter items

Enter a few letters to show only items (folders and shortcuts) that contain the letters typed. Click on the x button to empty the filter box.


Open this help file.


Close the dialog.


To access the Import Start Menu dialog it is necessary that both 'Show toolbar' and 'Show Import and New' options are checked in the General tab of the Configuration dialog.