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Welcome to Control Runner, the definitive program launcher for Windows XP and Vista.

With Control Runner you can organize your collection of software and your most-used documents in an easy, yet powerful way. You will be able to control how your programs are launched and minimized, and you will know at all times the resource usage of your system.

Why Control Runner?

Because you will be able to find and launch any of your programs and important documents with two mouse clicks.
Because you will be able to group related applications and documents in the way that  best suits your needs. For example, group together all of your music programs so you can find them quickly.
Because you will gain complete control over your Windows environment, including hiding and showing windows, making the windows stay on top, and shutting down your system with a single mouse click.
Because you can make nearly any Windows application behave as if it were a system tray icon application. (The system tray, or notification area, is usually at the bottom right corner of the task bar next to the clock. It holds any number of application icons; however, adding too many icons to the system tray makes locating a specific icon difficult.)
Because it completely replaces and enhances the functionality of desktop icons and the Start menu.
Because Control Runner is a mature product. It was released in 1995, and it has been continually maintained and upgraded.