Legal Matters

If you are evaluating Control Runner, be aware of the evaluation limitations:

You are granted an evaluation period of 45 days to test whether Control Runner suits your needs.
During the first 30 days after installation, Control Runner works exactly as the commercial version.
During the next 15 days you will be reminded that your evaluation period is ending.
When 45 days have elapsed, Control Runner will be locked. You will be able to use it normally, but you won't be able to add or modify program buttons or change in any way their operation.
After 45 of use, you should delete Control Runner if you do not intend to buy it. The reason why the program is designed to run after the evaluation period has expired is to permit you to continue using it if you have already bought it but for some reason you have not yet received the purchase key.
Of course, after buying Control Runner, all restrictions imposed on the evaluation period will be eliminated.

During your evaluation of Control Runner, you have been using an EVALUATION license (Shareware license) which entitles you to use Control Runner for 45 days while you evaluate its usefulness. After this time you are required to purchase the program. If you feel that Control Runner doesn't meet your needs, or for any reason you decide that you don't want to purchase a copy, you are required to delete the program from your computer. This is the ultimate "Try Before You Buy" marketing strategy.

Purchasing your registered copy of Control Runner entitles you to continue using the product, and restores full functionality to any disabled functions. Also, the Registration Reminder screens will be removed! You will also have access to our technical support.

NOTICE: Continued use of the unregistered version of Control Runner past the 45 day evaluation period is a violation of federal copyright laws. See our Licensing Agreement.

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