Limitations of advanced options

Description of the Problem

You can limit the number of copies (or instances) of applications that can be launched from Control Runner, and you can instruct Control Runner to hide or create a tray icon when applications are minimized.

If you select the Only One Copy option of the Additional tab of item configuration dialog, trying to launch a running application will bring it to the front rather than launching a second copy of the application.

There are some limitations however:

Second copy prevention works with application launched through any method, but minimize options only work for instances launched through Control Runner.
If the main window of the application is hidden, Control Runner will not locate it, and therefore will not bring it to the front, nor will be able to minimize it to the tray or hide it on minimize.
Some applications have more than one top level window and Control Runner may find the wrong window to activate or to detect the minimized state.
If the main window is hidden and the application is already running, clicking on the Program Button will do nothing. Control Runner will detect the application as running but will not be able to activate it.

Setting a Window Class

In cases when advanced options don't work, you should register the main window of the application as described below:

1.        Launch the application normally using the appropriate program button.

2.        Open the associated item configuration dialog.

3.        Change to the Advanced tab.

4.        Click on the magnifying glass button Search button to the right of the Window Class field.

5.        Select the caption of the application from the list.

Testing a program

The Advanced tab of the item configuration dialog has a button, 'Test' which will invoke a Test program wizard where you can easily test whether advanced functions will work with any application.

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