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Organize your software collection

Generally, you can start your Windows applications in three ways: use the Start menu and then look for the application you want to launch, place a shortcut to the application on your desktop or the Quick launch area of the taskbar.

Any of these work great if you only have a handful of applications installed on your system.

However, as your software collection grows, you will find that your Start menu and desktop become cluttered and you will spend a lot of time just looking for the particular application you want to launch. On the other hand, the Quick launch area has very limited capacity.

This is when Control Runner comes to the rescue. Using a familiar tab interface, Control Runner allows you to organize your installed collection of software. Locating the application you are looking for is easier and your computer experience improves.

Control Runner can be used to launch any object on your system: applications, documents, folders, Internet links and virtual items. It can also launch multiple targets in a single click.

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Control applications

With Control Runner you can prevent running a second instance of an application. If you opt to only run one copy of an application at a time and you try to launch it a second time, Control Runner finds the previous instance and activates it for you, rather than launching it again.

Also, you will be able to control how applications are minimized. For example, you can convert nearly any application to a system tray icon. This feature creates and sends an icon to the system tray, or notification area. (The notification area, or system tray, is the little section of your taskbar next to the clock.) You can even completely hide minimized applications.

In addition, while your applications are running you can hide them or make them temporarily stay on top of all other windows. On Windows Vista you can have Control Runner launch an application as an Administrator.

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Monitor resources

With Control Runner you always know how much stress you are placing on your computer. The resource monitor panel reports the current usage of the most important resources on your computer.

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