Main window

The main window of the user interface contains six distinct areas: Toolbar, General buttons, Hide button, Monitor panel, Program buttons, and Page tabs.  You can move through the Page tabs, but the other areas are constant. The following image illustrates the main window of Control Runner:



The Toolbar contains several utility controls that perform specialized functions.

General buttons

The General buttons access general functions of Control Runner.

Hide button

The hide button is a toggle to show or hide the section of the main window that contains the general buttons and the monitor panel.

Monitor panel

The Monitor Panel presents in real time a selection of the most important Windows parameters.

Program buttons

The Program buttons are used to launch programs and other files on your system. Click on them to launch its contents. Right click to access their configuration dialog. Drag and drop them to change their position.

Page tabs

The Page tabs are used to select a different page of program buttons. You may change the name of tabs, move them and insert and delete tabs.