Monitor Panel

The Monitor Panel presents in real time a selection of the most important Windows parameters. The Monitor panel of the main window is represented below:


The system parameters monitored are:



Date and time

The current system date and time. Clicking on this area, a calendar dialog showing up to three months, will pop-up.

Battery Charge

In battery operated computers the percentage of charge of the battery, battery status (online or offline) and the estimated remaining time of operation (when working offline).

CPU Load

The percentage of time the CPU is busy, a measure of the load imposed over the CPU. If your computer becomes irresponsive, check this value to see if the CPU load is too high.


The percentage of physical memory and actual number in Mb used by Windows. As the percentage approaches 100% your system may become unstable.


The percentage of the page file and actual number of Mb that is being used by Windows. Windows dynamically allocates space in the hard disk to swap memory to disk when needed, but usually the space allocated is not completely used. As this value approaches 100% Windows will most probably reserve further disk space to perform disk swapping if the page file size is dynamic.


The current upload speed in Kb/s and as a percentage of the bandwidth entered on the Configuration dialog.


The current download speed in Kb/s and as a percentage of the bandwidth entered on the Configuration dialog.

Disk free space

Percentage of disk free and actual number of available Gb on the boot drive. As this value approaches zero, your system may become unstable. If you have more than one hard drive installed on your system, clicking on the percentage will cycle between them.

Number of tasks

The total count of programs, including system processes, that are currently running on your system. This includes tasks that are hidden. Clicking on this area, the Windows Task manager will pop-up

The settings that control the monitor panel are on the Monitor tab of the Configuration dialog.