Program Buttons

The program buttons are the heart and soul of Control Runner. They work as follows:

Launch Targets

Click on a program button to launch its target. You may also use the keyboard.

Configure Buttons

Right-click on a program button to open the Button Configuration dialog box. You may also use the keyboard.

Move Buttons

To change the position of a button drag it and drop it over another button. During the drag and drop operation, passing the cursor over a page tab will change the current page thus letting you move the button to a different page. If you want to cancel the operation, simply drag it outside the Program Buttons area until the cursor changes to an stop sign.

Copy Buttons

To copy a button rather than move it, even to a different page, hold the CTRL key when initiating the drag and drop operation described above. To signal a copy operation a little plus sign will be superimposed to the figure of the icon of the program you are copying. This feature is handy to set up the Launch Menu Items.



The number of buttons in each page is determined by the Number of Rows and Number of Columns settings on the Program buttons tab of the Configuration dialog box.

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