Program buttons tab

The Program Buttons tab of the Configuration Dialog is where you select most of the options related to program buttons functionality.

Configure 1

There are three groups of related options and a preview zone:

Display options

Font Name
Font Size

Use these settings to select the font and size of the caption of program buttons.

Custom font color

Usually Control Runner will use a font color that provides good contrast with the background of buttons as defined by the used Skin. To select a different color, check the 'Custom font color' option and select the color from the color dialog.

Number of rows
Number of columns

Select the number of rows and columns of program buttons to be shown on the main window. If you select a number of rows or columns that will hide buttons with content on any tab, the 'Number of rows' or 'Number of columns' labels will turn to red.

Wrong rows
Invalid number of rows

Lighten inactive tabs

Check this checkbox to have Control Runner draw the caption of non-current (or inactive) tabs using a lighten color. As can be  seen below, using a lightened font color makes it easier to spot the active tab.

This setting controls the Page tabs of the main window as well as the tabs used in the Configuration dialog and the item configuration dialog.

Normal tabs
Normal tabs

Lighten  tabs
Lightened tabs


Under the display options there is a test button that will show how will buttons look with the options selected. Enter the caption of the test button using the 'Test button caption' edit box. Notice that the test button will grow and shrink to reflect the size program buttons will have on the main window, when you change the number of rows and columns.

Browse options

Start browsing in

Used to tell Control Runner where to start looking for files when you click on the ellipsis button Ellipsis button of the 'Target' field of the General tab of the item configuration dialog. Use the folder button FolderIcon to open a dialog to select the folder on your system or the check mark button CheckmarkIcon to set the default Program files folder.

Default icon library

Should contain the filename of a library (either a .dll or an .icl) containing icons you may use to replace the application icons used by Control Runner to represent program buttons. Use the ellipsis button Ellipsis button to open the icon library or the  check mark button CheckmarkIcon to use the default icon library provided by Control Runner.

Default options

These settings control the default settings used when importing or creating program buttons containing executables or shortcuts. Note that these settings only affect new program buttons. The contents of existing program buttons will not be modified when you change the settings.

Use executable description for button caption

When checked, Control Runner will use the description embedded in the executable (if available) when creating or importing buttons to applications, as opposed to using the file name. You can also access the executable description using the down arrow button Arrow button of the 'Caption' field of the General tab of  the item configuration dialog.

Set 'Only one copy' option

If checked, Control Runner will set the 'Only one copy' option on new program buttons containing executables.

Process shortcuts

Controls whether to resolve shortcuts when they are added to a program button. You can also resolve shortcuts at any time by clicking on the check mark button CheckmarkIcon of the 'Target' field of the General tab of  the item configuration dialog.


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