Security tab

The Security tab of the Configuration Dialog is where you select security related options of Control Runner.

Configure 6

There are three categories of security settings:


You may define three levels of users of Control Runner and control what options are allowed to use by them by entering the appropriate passwords and lock options.

Administrator: The administrator password will enable all protected areas for any person that enters it.
Privileged user: The privileged user password will enable protected programs to be launched by any person that enters it.
Normal user: A normal user who doesn't know neither the administrator or normal user password will not be able to launch protected programs or access any of the protected areas.


Note that normal users (i.e. users not knowing either the Administrator or Privileged passwords) may still execute protected programs by launching them directly through the Start Menu, Explorer or any other mean of executing a program under Windows. Also, even if the Start Menu is hidden they can access Explorer through any application that uses the common File | Open dialog and from there perform any task.


If you happen to forget the Administrator password and you have chosen to protect the configuration dialog you will lose access to Control Runner configuration. If that is the case, please Contact us for support.

Control Runner lock settings

Lock Control Runner

If checked you won't be able to add, move, delete or edit any program button or page tabs of the main window. This is handy if you leave your computer unattended and you don't want anybody to modify your current configuration. To make any modification you should reopen the Configuration dialog (possibly having to supply the administrator password) to unlock it again.

Protect Configuration and Tools dialogs

If checked, Control Runner will require you to enter the Administrator password before accessing the Configuration and Tools dialogs.

Protect Exit or shutdown

If checked, you won't be able to exit from Control Runner or Windows until you enter the Administrator password.


The 'Protect Configuration and Tools dialogs' and 'Protect Exit or shutdown' options require that an Administrator Password has been entered.

Hide system items

Hide Taskbar

Hide the Windows taskbar whenever Control Runner is running. It is convenient to set the taskbar to auto hide in order to avoid getting an empty space on the place where the taskbar resides (usually at the bottom of the monitor).

Hide Start Menu

Hide just the Start Menu button on the taskbar.

Disable Ctrl+Alt+Del

Disables the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination to prevent users from accessing to the task manager to shutdown Control Runner and bypass the security settings altogether.

This option requires that an special keyboard driver is installed on the system. Click on the 'Install driver' button to install it and reboot the computer.


Remember to restore the standard keyboard driver before uninstalling Control Runner.