System Tray menu

You can access the System Tray menu in three different ways:

Right-click the Control Runner System Tray icon System tray.
Use the hot key defined on the Keys, tray and activation tab of the Configuration dialog.
Use the Menu toolbar button on the main window.

The tray menu, showing all possible sub-menus is shown below:

Tray menu

You control which of the available options are shown by selecting them on the Keys, tray and activation tab of the configuration dialog. The meaning of each submenu is:


Opens a menu where you will access to each icon on your desktop. This is handy if you have selected the 'Hide desktop icons' option on the General tab of the Configuration dialog or the Desk toolbar button is pressed.

Control Panel

Opens the control panel menu, where you will be able to access all control panel applets installed on your system.

Select Printer

Opens the printers menu, where you can select which of the printers installed on your system should be used by default by your applications.

Change Resolution

Opens the resolutions menu, where all screen resolutions compatible with your current color depth (i.e. number of colors) will be listed. Clicking on an item will set a new resolution. No questions asked!

Hidden Windows

Opens the hidden windows menu, where all previously windows hidden by Control Runner will be listed. Clicking on an item will restore the corresponding window.

Launch Menu

Opens the launch menu, which lists all program buttons which have the 'Add to Launch menu' option checked on the Additional tab of the item configuration dialog. Clicking on an item will launch it.

Activate Control Runner

Restore Control Runner and make it the active application. You can get a similar effect clicking on the System tray icon.

Configure Control Runner

Open the configuration dialog.

Exit Control Runner

Closes Control Runner.


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