Test program wizard

To access this wizard, click on the 'Test' button on the Advanced tab of the item configuration dialog.

Before proceeding, you should make sure that the application for which you want to test the advanced options is not already running, and close it if it is.

The wizard will try to launch the application, locate it's main window and bring it to the foreground (activate it). If it succeeds, that means that you will be able to use the 'Only one copy' option.

Next, the wizard will ask you to minimize the application, clicking on the minimize button of the application's main window. If Control Runner detects the minimized application it will create a tray icon for it.

Finally, you will be asked to click on the just created tray icon. If the application is restored you can be sure that both the 'Minimize To Tray' and 'Minimize to Hidden list' options will work with the application.

If the wizard fails, you should then try to enter the 'Window Class' of the main window of the application. To do so, close the wizard and use the little  magnifying glass button Search button to the right of the 'Window Class' field of the Advanced tab of the program button. Close the application manually and run again the wizard.

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