The Toolbar contains several buttons and controls that perform some specialized functions. From left to right they include the following:


Toggle to keep Control Runner on top of other applications.


Hide or unhide all running applications (except Control Runner).


Toggle to hide or unhide desktop icons.


Toggle to enable or disable Zone Activation (when an Activation Zone has been defined in the Keys, tray and activation tab of the Configuration dialog).


Shows the System tray menu.

Undo Button Undo

Undoes the last action(s). Note that Control Runner keeps unlimited undoes, since the last change made to the Configuration or program startup.


Opens the Import from the Start menu dialog box so you can choose the applications to add to the Program buttons.

New button New

This button will be shown when Control Runner detects that new items have been added to the Start Menu of Windows. Clicking on the button opens the Import new items dialog box so you can add to Control Runner recently installed applications.

Admin button Admin

Opens a password dialog to enter the Administrator password to work as an Administrator until the button is clicked again.

Admin button Priv

Opens a password dialog to enter the Privileged user password to work as a Privileged user of Control Runner until the button is clicked again.


Filters the Program buttons to include only the applications containing the text you enter into the box.


Opens the default Internet browser and navigates to the Control Runner purchase location.


Opens this Help file.


If the Help button is not visible, the main window is probably too small. Click the down arrowhead to display the Help icon.


The toolbar and its different buttons can be shown or hidden using the Show options on Configuration | General.

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