Use Keyboard Keys

With Control Runner active, you can use the following keyboard key combinations to do the following:

To do this...

Use this key combination...

Select a program from the Program buttons


Change the Program button


Change from the General buttons to the Program buttons and vice versa


Change the current Page tab forward and backwards


Access the Item configuration dialog box


Hot keys

In addition there are four global hot keys that can be defined on theKeys, tray and activation tabof the Configuration dialog to activate Control Runner, show the tray menu, hide the current window and make the current window topmost.

You can also define a hot key to launch any program button in the General tab of the item configuration dialog.



If you embed an ampersand (&) inside the name of a Page tab, you can move to that page by pressing the letter immediately after the ampersand.

For example, if you put all of your application programs on one page, you might name the page tab Applications. Then, if you add an ampersand to the name, &Applications, you can move to that page by pressing A.