Download our products to test drive our software

Product Version Release Date Size Download
FormsAssistant v1 1.11.0 May 2018 7.5 Mb Download FormsAssistant v1
PowerMerge v1 Jun 2018 8.1 Mb Download PowerMerge v1
PowerTOC v3 Nov 2018 13.2 Mb Download PowerTOC v3


The above downloads are evaluation versions of our software. There is no separate download for registered users. If you purchase one of our products, you receive a registration key that unlocks the evaluation version. You will enter the key into the program after you have downloaded it. You do not enter it here on the web site.

Download old versions

Please find below old versions and discontinued products. Please note that old versions are provided for your convenience. We do not support old versions one year after the release of a new major version, although we provide substantial upgrade discounts for registered users. Discontinued products are not supported after two years.

Product Version Release Date Size Download
Control Runner v4 4.1.1 May 2018 5.5 Mb Download Control Runner v4
Control Runner v3 3.4.4 May 2018 2.6 Mb Download Control Runner v3
PowerForms v1 1.1.1 May 2018 5.2 Mb Download PowerForms v1
PowerTOC v2 2.3.0 May 2018 3.6 Mb Download PowerTOC v2


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