Problems running downloaded file

Errors Running Downloaded Software

If you see an error message when you're trying to run a file you downloaded, it may have gotten damaged in the download. The message might say: Win32 error, CRC error, file transfer error or that a file is not a 32bit application or is not a valid Zip archive file.

This usually means that the file was changed during the download. If you see any of the above messages, and are running any download manager, please try temporarily disabling any download manager and try the download again. Be sure to confirm the replacement of the previously downloaded file on your system.

If you still have downloading problems, please contact us.

How to execute our Office productivity add-ins

Please note that you don't execute directly our add-ins. Rather you execute the 'host' application; Word in the case of FormsAssistant and PowerPoint in the case of PowerTOC.

You will notice that a new toolbar (or ribbon bar in the case of Office 2007) will have been created, you will access to FormsAssistant and PowerTOC using these toolbars.

In case the toolbar (or ribbon bar) of FormsAssistant or PowerTOC do not show, your security settings might be preventing Word or PowerPoint from executing the add-ins. Please refer to the Setting Office add-ins topic for complete instructions about how to setup our add-ins in Office systems.

Please refer to the online demos below for a quickly primer on using our products:

How to execute Control Runner

Following latest Microsoft recommendations, our installation utility does not offer the option to execute Control Runner after it's installation. Rather, you should launch it manually the first time.

There are two ways to execute Control Runner.

  • Selecting the 'Launch Control Runner' item of the 'Control Runner' sub menu of your Start Menu.
  • Using the link that will have been placed on your desktop. (Notice the icon of Control Runner as shown below)