Welcome screen
General procedure
Checking for FormsAssistant updates
FormsAssistant toolbar
Hiding the toolbar
Restoring the toolbar
Memo example
Contract example
FAX cover sheet example
Linked fields example
Automatically check for updates
Turning off the Auto Update feature
Checking now for updates
Working with forms
Creating form models
Saving form models as documents
Saving form models as templates
Protecting a form model
Unprotecting a form model
Editing forms
Filling in forms
Opening form models
Filling in forms from the Main window
Working with Fields and Values
Naming fields
Using numbered fields
Comments within field names
Viewing comments in field names
Entering field name values
Multi-line values
Editing values
Moving between fields
Field and value limitations
Linking fields
Creating linked fields
Filling in a form with linked fields
FormsAssistant Main window
Customizing the Main window
Resizing the Main window
Repositioning the toolbar
Repositioning the panes
Docking the panes
Minimizing the panes
Maximizing the panes
Creating tabbed panes
Repositioning tabbed panes
Working with layouts
Saving the layout
Selecting a layout
Deleting a layout
Resetting a layout
About the Main window
Main window toolbar
Preview pane
Fields list
Clips list
Layout Configuration dialog box
Fields and Clips window
Inserting a field from the Fields pane list
Adding a field to the Fields pane list
Deleting a field from the Fields pane list
Inserting a clip from the Clips pane list
Adding a clip to the Clips pane list
Deleting a clip from the Clips pane list
About the Fields and Clips window
Positioning the Fields and Clips window
Fields and Clips window
Fields pane and Clips pane toolbars
Configuring FormsAssistant
Turning on toolbar labels
Turning off toolbar labels
Selecting preview pane colors
Resetting the database size
Purging the database
Removing highlights on variables
Showing the welcome screen
Configure dialog box
User interface tab
Operation tab
Database tab
Miscellaneous tab
Buying FormsAssistant
Evaluating FormsAssistant
Entering the license key
Upgrade policy
Licensing options
End User License Agreement
FormsAssistant doesn't appear in Word
Fields don't appear in preview pane
Field limitations
Protection icon doesn't work
Contacting MomSoft

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