About FormsAssistant

FormsAssistant is a Microsoft Word add-in that helps you fill out business forms by providing a list of fields that need completing. Each field corresponds to a specific place in your form, and you can edit the information on the fly. For example, instead of searching through a form and possibly overlooking a field or accidentally deleting a field, FormsAssistant takes you step-by-step through the fields.

In addition, FormsAssistant stores your entries for future use.

Familiar working environment

FormsAssistant opens in the familiar Word window. You need only learn the simple steps to updating a form using the add-in, not an entire program.

Advantages of using FormsAssistant

In minutes, you'll have a standard form that can be used consistently throughout the office.
You no longer skip blocks or overlook places that need information because the easy-to-use list of fields is right in front of you.
The familiar Word window makes learning easy.
You save time and effort because you can use any Word document as a form.
Documents may be saved and reused, thus saving a substantial amount of time in re-creating them.
Productivity increases, printing expenses decrease, and errors become less and less frequent when you use FormsAssistant to standardize your forms.
New linking feature allows you to fill in related values with one entry.

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