Create summary agendas for your presentations with one click.

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  • Stop wasting time manually creating summaries of your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations.
  • PowerTOC keeps your summary always up to date.
  • Pick and choose what each summary should contain.

PowerTOC in action

What PowerTOC does for you

  • The feature Microsoft® forgot...

    Sometimes, a PowerPoint presentation just will not work without a summary, table of contents or agenda. For those times, PowerTOC you add that critical functionality cleanly and simply to your presentation.

  • You pick, PowerTOC keeps it up to date

    With PowerTOC, you choose exactly what you need to summarize, and how that summary should be formatted. Then, PowerTOC automatically keeps your summary up to date regardless of what other parts of your presentation change.

  • One less thing to worry about.

    Completely and correctly modifying a large PowerPoint presentation is already hard enough without having to update it's summary slide. PowerTOC automatically keeps your summary up to date while you modify headlines, bullets, images and slide order as you need to.

  • Works with PowerForms

    Combine PowerTOC with PowerForms to create custom instances of presentations quickly and easily, with up-to-date summaries where needed.

Video Demos

  • Display video demo

    Introduction to PowerTOC

    This is a short (3 minutes) introductory demo of PowerTOC.

  • Display video demo

    PowerTOC Options

    Learn the many ways available to fully customize the Table of Contents slide(s) created by PowerTOC.

  • Display video demo

    Selecting what slides to include

    PowerTOC has many options to precisely select what slides to include or exclude from the table of contents.


  • Click to start the slide show PowerTOC toolbar
    PowerTOC will insert a ribbon tab on Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, or a toolbar on previous versions, from where you will operate it.
  • Click to start the slide show Configuration dialog
    The configuration dialog contains several options to completely customize the Table of Contents created by PowerTOC.
  • Click to start the slide show Ignore rules
    The ignore rules dialog is where you specify the rules that control whether a specific slide is included or not in the TOC.
Windows 10 Compatible

PowerTOC is Windows 10 Compatible


  • Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


  • I love how easy and quick it is to update the TOC as changes are made throughout the PPT.

    Tia Sprotbery - Operations Manager, Trumpet, Inc. - Phoenix AZ

  • I just finished using the PowerTOC on all 6 sections of my presentation. It worked perfectly. I really like how changing the slide title is immediately reflected in the TOC. I just looked for "weirdness" in the TOC and went and fixed the slide title. You did a really great job. I really appreciate your quick response and your out of the ordinary help on Christmas. My deadline is Monday and I am going to make it!! I hope you make a fortune!

    Bradshaw Lupton, L-1 ID Security Solutions Technical Training and Curriculum Development, Burlington, MA

  • I love the PowerTOC. I prepare big manuals in PowerPoint and PowerTOC has been a lifesaver.

    Carolyn Dixon, Office Manager and Special Projects Coordinator, Community Counselling Service (Private Fundraising Consultant Firm), New York, NY

  • I use it for large presentations, it's invaluable for organizing material as its developed. I sometimes include them in the final presentation given out or I remove it once I have finished the presentation. It's an exceptionally helpful utility.

    IT Security author and pioneer Eric Greenberg

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