Take control of your forms and boilerplate documents with FormsAssistant for Microsoft® Word®.

Only $39.95US

  • Fill out forms and templates in Word in seconds, not minutes.
  • Quickly reuse information you've already typed.
  • Create new forms while you are working in Word.
  • Protect what you don't want changed in each document.

The main window of FormsAssistant


Create custom Microsoft® PowerPoint® decks in seconds.

Only $39.95US

  • Build out a custom sales presentation for your client in seconds.
  • Selectively reuse what you've presented before.
  • Turn an existing presentation into PowerForms template just by typing "[" and "]" where you want to replace information.

The main window of PowerForms


Merge Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations with Microsoft® Excel® data in seconds.

Only $59.95US

  • Create brochures and catalogs of your products or services using PowerPoint.
  • Use templates for your presentations and personalize them for each of your clients.
  • Quickly place multiple images on your presentations.

The main window of PowerForms


Create summary agenda for your presentations with one click.

Only $29.95US

  • Stop wasting time manually creating summaries of your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations.
  • PowerTOC keeps your summary always up to date.
  • Pick and choose what each summary should contain.

PowerTOC in action

Control Runner

The ultimate Microsoft® Windows® shortcut to your files, applications and web sites.

Only $29.95US

  • Group what you're working on and open what you need in two clicks.
  • Switch form working on one project's open documents, web sites and applications to another with 1 click.
  • Store and recall your preferred arrangement of documents, web sites and applications with one click.