The easiest way to add a table of contents to your PowerPoint presentation!

PowerTOC solves one little annoyance of the otherwise great program, Microsoft PowerPoint--PowerPoint doesn't easily create a table of contents for your presentation. PowerTOC quickly and easily creates a table of contents for your PowerPoint presentation.

If you are like us and prefer to introduce your presentation with a summary agenda of what are you going to present, you know you have to manually prepare a table of contents slide at the very beginning of your presentation. Preparing a table of contents manually requires a lot of copy and paste, keeping up with slide numbers, and formatting.

PowerTOC completely automates the process of making a table of contents with a single click. What used to be a tedious and error prone endeavor, now becomes a final touch that is easy to create and format.

PowerTOC is also very easy and intuitive to use. Please refer to the following topics to learn its operation and configuration options.

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