Uninstalling PowerTOC
General Procedure
About PowerPoint slides
Using PowerTOC
Adding a table of contents
Positioning the table of contents
Formatting a table of contents
Formatting example
Updating a table of contents
Locking a table of contents
Unlocking a TOC
Removing a table of contents
Creating a named style
Using named styles
Updating a named style
Configuring default options
Updating a style when no TOC exists
User interface
Toolbar button labels
Toolbar button descriptions
Configuration dialog box
Ignore rules dialog box
PowerTOC doesn't appear on PowerPoint
TOC runs off the slide
Headings don't appear in TOC
Known issues and limitations
Buying PowerTOC
Evaluating PowerTOC
Entering the license Key
Upgrade policy
Licensing options
End User License Agreement
Contacting MomSoft

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