Release History of PowerTOC

Public releases of PowerTOC are shown below. Note that the versions missing are beta or short term versions not widely distributed.

The symbols used are:

  • New feature.
  • Change of design.
  • Bug solved.

Current Version: PowerTOC 2.3

Release date: June 2010

  • Adds compatibility with PowerPoint 2010.

Version: PowerTOC 2.2.4

Release date: March 2009

  • Solves a bug on the Check Install utility.

Current version: PowerTOC 2.2.3

Release date: September 2008

  • Limited Unicode support.

Version: PowerTOC 2.2.1

Release date: June 2008

  • Multimonitor support.
  • Better handling of help files (might prevent errors on some systems).

Version: PowerTOC 2.2

Release date: May 2008

  • Adds the possibility to place slide numbers at the left.
  • Adds the checkup install utility.

Version: PowerTOC 2.1

Release date: May 2008

  • Adds Set Title, Set Normal and Ignore buttons.
  • Adds the Tools menu on versions prior to 2007.
  • Enhances the processing of general options.

Version: PowerTOC 2.0.8

Release date: Mar 2008

  • Enhances the processing of repeating slides. Extra spaces, hyphens, n-dashes and m-dashes are not taken into consideration when comparing a slide with the previous one.

Version: PowerTOC 2.0.7

Release date: Mar 2008

  • Solves a problem with two column and spanned TOCs, happening when the "Ignore repeating" slides option is used.

Version: PowerTOC 2.0.6

Release date: Feb 2008

  • Removes an error ocurring at startup on multiuser licenses.
  • Correctly saves changes to the 'Default' template on the configuration dialog.
  • Removes an error when printing presentations from the Print Preview window.
  • Solves the 'Unknown Office control' error ocurring at startup on some systems.
  • Adds Named Styles.
  • Enhanced exclude options.
  • Selectively include normal and title slides.
  • Adds the option to span the Table of Contents in multiple slides.
  • Removes carriage returns embedded on titles of slides.
  • Better integration with PowerPoint 2007.
  • Enhanced User Interface.
  • Enhanced registration process of the software.

Version: PowerTOC 1.3

Release date: Feb 2007

  • Adds compatibility with Windows Vista and Office 2007.
  • Adds the option to include links to slides on the Table of Contents.
  • Adds the option to create the Table of Contents in two columns.
  • Add-in is registered for all users.
  • Configuration information is now saved on the common application data folder.

Version 1.2

Release date: Dec 2006

  • Demo added to installation setup.

Version 1.1

Release date: Dec 2006

  • Minor aesthetic changes.
  • Correctly handles the evaluation period.

Version 1.0

Release date: Nov 2006

  • First public version released to the public.


  • Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, XP, 2003 or 2007.