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About MomSoft

We specialize in small useful utilities for Microsoft Office

MomSoft is a small software development company located in Madrid, Spain.

We think that simplicity and ease of use is of interest to the users of our programs. We endeavour to provide our customers with products that work as easy and effective as possible.

We are very proud that we have both customers new to computers and information system professionals. We believe that this mix is due to the nature of our products: easy to use and master, but powerful enough for those who have special needs and requirements.

Our products reflect what our customers want. That means that most of the features that you see in the current version of out products have been suggested and discussed with our customers. We are not interested in making our utilities swiss-knife do-it-all tools. Each of them performs a single set of related tasks, in a very effective manner.

MomSoft was created during the summer of 1995, as a personal project to learn Windows programming when Delphi 1.0 was released and to solve a problem that in our opinion has not yet been solved adequately, providing a good way to launch programs in Windows. Thus, MomShell (later called Control Runner) was born.

MomSoft has been active ever since. After MomShell/Control Runner, we released MomWallpaper, a wallpaper randomizer, Word PhoneBook, our first Word add-in, to fill addresses of letters and faxes in Microsoft Word and Early Reader, a program to teach children to read.

Since 2006, MomSoft has specialized in office productivity add-ins working on top of Microsoft Office, releasing three new products: PowerTOC, FormsAssistant and PowerMerge.