We are happy to announce the start of the public beta of PowerTOC version 3.

This new version has been completely rewritten and adds many features to our popular table of contents add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Adds compatibility with Office 365, but is not compatible with versions under 2007
  • Fully upgraded user interface
  • Uses PowerPoint layouts to format tables of contents and agendas
  • Adds support to Section tables of contents
  • Adds support to Agenda slides
  • Uses three levels of slides to layout the tables of contents, associated to the title, section and normal slide layouts
  • Styles for table of contents and agenda styles store the formatting and options of the table of contents and agenda slides

Comparison with PowerTOC 2

Perhaps the best way to see the difference between PowerTOC 2 and PowerTOC 3 is to compare the ribbon tabs of both versions:

Ribbon Tab (Version 2)

Ribbon Tab (Version 3)

As you can see, the new ribbon uses a new icon design following the current flat style of the latest versions of Office, so it will blend with the rest of the PowerPoint user interface, but more importantly it adds many new functions. Also, we think that the workflow of creating, modifying and updating tables of contents (and the new agendas) is much more logical than it was before:

  • To create a table of contents (or agenda), use the Insert TOCs section
  • To manipulate the TOCs, use the Manage TOCs section
  • To work with other slides, use the Manage Slides section
  • To access the configuration and help or buy the add-in, use the General section

How to participate in the beta test

The beta test is public so it is open to everyone. To participate, simply download PowerTOC on the downloads page. We expect to release the final version before the evaluation period ends.

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