We are happy to announce the immediate availability of PowerTOC v3.2. This version solves two issues:


  • Links on spanned TOCs were not pointing to the correct slide
  • PowerTOC will not update automatically table of contents and agendas for presentations that are in auto-save mode

How Auto-Save affects PowerTOC

AutoSave is a new feature introduced by Microsoft, available in Excel, Word and PowerPoint for Office 365. AutoSave is enabled by default when a file is stored on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online.

AutoSave might be a convenient feature, although it creates some problems if you don’t remember to do a File > Save a Copy before you make any change to a document, spreadsheet or presentation if you want to maintain the original version.

In addition to the problem of losing previous versions of your presentations, in the case of PowerTOC, AutoSave creates a big problem. By design, PowerTOC has traditionally updated automatically all table of contents and agendas (since version 3) whenever you save, print or start a presentation.

Updating the PowerTOC slides can be a lengthy operation for big presentations with complex tables of contents or agendas. Aditionally, PowerPoint has a bug that causes the generation of agendas to degrade with time. For that reason we recommend to close and reopen a presentation if the update operation takes a long time.

When AutoSave is enabled for a presentation, PowerPoint will continuously save the presentation every time you change it. Doing so, would change the presentation and therefore PowerPoint would try to AutoSave it again, creating a loop.

This makes it impossible to maintain the strategy to update TOCs whenever the presentation is (auto)saved.

In summary, PowerTOC will continue to update TOCs and agendas for presentations that have AutoSave disabled when you save (or close) the presentation, as before, but will not do it for presentations that have AutoSave enabled. This means that, to ensure that the TOCs and agendas are updated, you have to manually update them, using the Update TOCs button on the ribbon.

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