Combine PowerPoint presentations with Excel data in seconds

What PowerMerge does for you


Create custom presentations in seconds

With PowerMerge, you can customize a presentation for each recipient in seconds not hours by replacing the text and images that need to be changed without worrying about messing up your presentation and focusing solely on the task at hand – modifying the text of your presentation

Focus on what needs changing

PowerMerge let’s you skip the wasted steps of navigating slide-by-slide through several nearly identical presentations only to get at the bits that change. What’s more, you’ll never have another slide in the middle of your presentation you forgot to customize

Create many slides following a template

Making brochures with PowerMerge is a snap. Create a template slide and let PowerMerge create as many slides needed to showcase each of your products

Use Excel to organize your data

Chances are that your data is already on Excel or you can easily import into Excel from a database to be used in your merged presentations


Ribbon Tab
PowerMerge adds a new tab to the PowerPoint ribbon

Fields Pane
The fields pane shows all existing fields and lets you quickly insert them on the presentation

Check data sheet and fields dialog
Get all the data sheet and fields information to troubleshoot your merge operation

Image fields
PowerMerge gives you full control over how images are positioned and resized

Configuration dialog
Control the naming and storing of your merged presentations and other settings

Price: $69.95

Current Version: 1.7.0

Release Date: Mar 2019

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PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007 for PC – 32/64 bits


Windows 10, 8 or 7

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Latest news

New 64 bit versions of our add-ins

We are happy to announce the start of the beta test of 64-bit versions of our Office add-ins. Our  three add-ins have been upgraded to be compatible with 64-bit versions of Office: FormsAssistant PowerMerge PowerTOC The beta is restricted to registered users by...

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PowerMerge v1.6 released

PowerMerge v1.6 is the first public release to add compatibility with Office 365 after being tested by our registered users.

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Even though our products are very easy and intuitive to use, we regularly create new tutorials to show how PowerMerge increases your productivity.

Tutorial #1 – Understanding Merge Combined and Multiple (1 min)

PowerMerge performs two different types of merges:

  • Merge Combined creates a single presentation in which some slides of the original presentation are repeated for each record on the Excel data sheet. It is used to create galleries or brochures. In the tutorial we will use a home developer brochure as an example
  • Merge Multiple creates a new presentation for each record on the Excel data sheet, it is used to create customized versions of the presentation for different recipients. In the tutorial we will use a Law firm corporate presentation as an example

Tutorial #2 –  Using the ‘Keep with Next’ option and conditional fields (1:40 min)

On this tutorial we enhance the house developer brochure, to include additional images for some of the house models. We introduce two new concepts, the ‘Keep with Next’ option to group together all information of each model and conditional fields to remove empty slides if an image is missing

Tutorial #3 – Using conditional fields to filter slides (3 min)

An advanced use of conditional fields is to filter some slides so that they only appear in the appropriate section of a customized presentation. On this tutorial we will present two examples:

  • How to further customize the corporate presentation of the Law firm by including only the practices that interest each client
  • How to create a portfolio presentation of an artist, grouping pictures by category

Stay connected with us, we are continuously creating new tutorials to showcase our products …

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