Create summary agendas and tables of contents for your presentations in seconds

What PowerTOC does for you


The feature Microsof forgot ...

Sometimes, a PowerPoint presentation will just not work without a summary, table of contents or agenda. For those times, PowerTOC adds that critical functionality cleanly and simply to your presentations

You pick, PowerTOC keeps it up to date

With PowerTOC, you choose exactly what you need to summarize, and how that summary should be formatted. Then, PowerTOC automatically keeps your summary up to date regardless of what other parts of your presentation change

One less thing to worry about

Completely and correctly modifying a large PowerPoint presentation is already hard enough without having to update it’s summary slides. PowerTOC automatically keeps your summary up to date while you modify your presentation as you need to

Work less and maintain consistency with styles

Save the format and options of your agendas and tables of contents to apply them consistently in just one click, following your organization standards


Ribbon Tab
PowerTOC adds a new tab to the PowerPoint ribbon

TOC Properties dialog
Tables of Contents can be completely configured

Presentation properties dialog
See all the properties of your current presentation and quickly modify the properties of any slide

Configuration dialog
Select the default style to be used when creating new tables of contents or agendas

Price: $49.95

Current Version: 3.2.0

Release Date: Dec 2019

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PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007 for PC – 32/64 bits


Windows 10, 8 or 7

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Latest news

PowerTOC version 3.2 released

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of PowerTOC v3.2. This version solves two issues:   Links on spanned TOCs were not pointing to the correct slide PowerTOC will not update automatically table of contents and agendas for presentations that are in...

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60% off – PowerTOC promotion

Hello! We're excited to announce that MomSoft will soon be featuring PowerTOC on BitsDuJour, a 'deal-of-the-day' website that we've partnered with. BitsDuJour will be offering PowerTOC on Friday 8 February, 2019 for $19.98, normally PowerTOC is $49.95! If you have any...

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New 64 bit versions of our add-ins

We are happy to announce the start of the beta test of 64-bit versions of our Office add-ins. Our  three add-ins have been upgraded to be compatible with 64-bit versions of Office: FormsAssistant PowerMerge PowerTOC The beta is restricted to registered users by...

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Even though our products are very easy and intuitive to use, we regularly create new tutorials to show how PowerTOC increases your productivity.

Tutorial #1 – Understanding Main and Section tables of contents (1:10 min)

PowerTOC creates two kinds of tables of contents:

  • Main TOCs include slides from the whole presentation. Therefore you can only have one Main Table of Contents on each presentation (usually at the beginning)
  • Section TOCs include only slides until the next Section TOC. You will usually place them at the beginning of each section of your presentation

Tutorial #2 – Formatting and applying styles

PowerTOC lets you format your tables of contents and agendas so that they look exactly like you want. Once you have obtained the desired the look and feel you can save the design as an style. Styles are a great way to maintain the consistency of your presentations, ensuring that they comply with your organization templates and standards and they also save time because you can apply them automatically when you create a new table of contents or agenda

Tutorial #3 – Table of contents options

On this tutorial we present the options available for the tables of contents of your presentation; what slides to include and exclude, numbering of slides, adding links and managing long tables of contents. We will also show how to modify individual slides so that they appear on the tables of contents exactly as you need to and finally, how to manage the whole presentation using the presentation properties dialog

Stay connected with us, we are continuously creating new tutorials to showcase our products …

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