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What PowerTOC does for you

The feature Microsof forgot ...

Sometimes, a PowerPoint presentation will just not work without a summary, table of contents or agenda. For those times, PowerTOC adds that critical functionality cleanly and simply to your presentations

You pick, PowerTOC keeps it up to date

With PowerTOC, you choose exactly what you need to summarize, and how that summary should be formatted. Then, PowerTOC automatically keeps your summary up to date regardless of what other parts of your presentation change

One less thing to worry about

Completely and correctly modifying a large PowerPoint presentation is already hard enough without having to update it’s summary slides. PowerTOC automatically keeps your summary up to date while you modify your presentation as you need to

Work less and maintain consistency with styles

Save the format and options of your agendas and tables of contents to apply them consistently in just one click, following your organization standards


PowerTOC adds a ribbon bar to PowerPoint to access all of its functions

Price: $69.95

Current Version: 1.7

Release Date: Mar 2019



Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7.


Office 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007 for PC – 32/64 bits